TableTopics To Go
Conversation Starters
Table Topics To Go Conversation Starters Card Game

Now introducing Table Topics To Go! These are cards with a colored
design on one side, and questions that will get conversations started on
the other side.  They are similar to a deck of cards and they come as 40
cards in a plastic sleeve for easy storage. These cards are perfect for an
airplane or road trip. The small design will fit into a purse or handbag
much easier than the traditional TableTopics cards. These cards come in
various categories to make it a great item for any party or gathering.
TableTopics questions are fun, thought provoking and guaranteed to
propel your conversations to new heights. Discover something new about
your family, friends...even yourself!  See some of the great sample
questions below!  These would make great stocking stuffers!
Great questions allow travel companions to turn any car or plane
trip into a voyage of discovery.

- Which region of the country has the best food?
- In what language would you like to be fluent?
Cool questions to keep young minds entertained anywhere-
perfect for family or with friends.

- What would be a really good flavor toothpaste?
- What’s your favorite Disney character?
Table Topics To Go Conversation Starter Cards - Kids
Table Topics To Go Conversation Starter Cards - Travel
Get help on breaking the ice with your partner.

- What's your perfect Sunday?
- How would your last girlfriend or boyfriend describe you?
Start the New Year with these inspiring and engaging questions!

- What new technology made the biggest difference in your life
last year?
- What indulgence would you like to treat yourself to this year?
Table Topics To Go Conversation Starter Cards - Dating
Table Topics To Go Conversation Starter Cards - New Year's
Share your passion for your favorite furry - or not so furry - family

- What trick would you love to teach your pet?
- Is your personality more like a golden retriever, poodle,
Siamese or alley cat?
golf-themed conversation starters.

- Which professional would you choose to have a lesson with?
- What's the prettiest hole you've ever played?
Table Topics To Go Conversation Starter Cards - Golf
Table Topics To Go Conversation Starter Cards - Pets